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Foreclosures in pipeline likely to speed up in wake of robo signing settlement

Portland, Maine – Homeowners who lost their homes to questionable foreclosures from 2008-2011 may be eligible for $2,000 — not much consolation. Much has been reported about the recent robo signing settlement reached by attorneys general last week. The simple … Continue reading

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Bank of America’s getting help to hurt homeowners in high places

  What's the worse than Bank of America acting as if it deserves immunity from all its  bad foreclosure behavior? A presidential administration that agrees. President Obama's administration is putting pressure on New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to give into … Continue reading

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Federal foreclosure initiative involves renting foreclosed homes

  A federal initiative to have investors buy and rent out thousands of government-owned homes to prevent foreclosures is drawing cautious optimism locally. The intent is to help stabilize falling home prices, particularly in neighborhoods hit by foreclosures. Local real … Continue reading

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Important changes to Short Sale disclosures!

Marty Macisso discusses the new changes by the MARS rules and how it affects the seller!

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Report indicates nearly 25% of all home sales last quarter were bank owned

A report released last month by RealtyTrac, which tracks foreclosures, found that foreclosure sales amounted to an average of 24% of all home sales during the second quarter of this year, which totaled about 248,000 homes. In Nevada, one of several western … Continue reading

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