Who is Marty?

Buying and selling a home is an exciting process, but it can also be a stressful one. Let me take the stress out of these transactions so YOU can focus on your life!

I don't think that cutting edge technology, grasping the true value of social media(facebook,linked in, twitter,etc…) is the future of real estate….ITS THE PRESENT!

In fact, if you are not looking online, using web based technologies to buy real estate or sell real estate…then you are simply, not looking.

So what makes Marty different than other Real Estate Agents(aside from the fact that he refers to himself in 3rd person) ????

  • I have stopped the foreclosure process for several Maine families(lawfully) through the Short Sale process
  • I have helped buyers walk into tens of thousands of $$$ in equity(this year)
  • I tell prosepective sellers and buyers the cold hard facts, not fluff!
  • I'm thinking of tomorrow not yesterday
  • Instead of focusing on earning $dollars$, I focus on building relationships and developing systems to help you make money.
  • I don't pressure you, I encourage you to think and act rationally
  • I like Kitty cats

I enjoy life, I want to help you in your next phase…be it purchasing your next home or selling to move on.

Contact me any day of the week. Put me to work for you!

All the best,

Marty Macisso



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